Enhancing our customer's lives by providing the most bacteria and maintenance free environments possible.

Creating healthier environments by developing and adapting products to meet challenging applications.


Commercialization and introduction of antimicrobials into the textile industry.

Enhanced antimicrobial products offer long term protection for service applications.

Expansion and development of advanced antimicrobial products into new markets.

Protective treatments are environmentally friendly and break down into natural elements.



Greatly enhanced long term efficacy helps maintain healthier environments.

Correcting at risk environments with products and services that promote a healthier environment.

Transferring the technology to logical environments.


Our Mission


“Making a difference in our customers lives and businesses by providing effective solutions that work.”


We are working to maximize the reach of our antimicrobial technologies to fit existing market challenges in healthcare, food manufacturing, public transportation, athletics, animal health, wood and building material preservation and our military forces to mention a few. By expanding into these new and unchartered sectors we assist companies and institutions deliver cleaner, healthier and improved products and environments for their customers, vendors and employees.


Company Introduction


We are a diversified provider of highly effective and environmentally safe antimicrobial products and services. Our products span a wide range from off the shelf retail to EPA registered products, commercial additives and professional service applications.


The foundation of our company is built around environmentally safe, corrective and long term protective solutions. Employing advanced antimicrobial formulations in the fight against microbial cross contamination, staining, odors and rot.


Our philosophy is "Clean, Protect, Preserve" and we accomplish these goals by matching market driven demands and industry specific challenges with the most highly effective products and technical services available.


We develop products and adapt them to suit almost any application, from daily use disinfectants to biostatic formulations designed for critical care environments.


At Clearstream we force innovation, promote critical concepts, develop efficiencies and recognize the importance of making our personal and shared environments secure against the unhealthy and destructive effects caused by microbial attack.


In The Beginning: Dow-Corning & Aegis


Dow Corning developed present day Silane Quat monomers in the early 1970’s. Initial development was structured around coatings for glass and compounds to reduce static friction in computer parts. Dow Corning found that by binding a Quat molecule to a Silane molecule, they were able to provide a bonded mechanism for reducing microbial growth on a surface over a period of time.


They began commercialization into the textile industry, particularly carpets and carpet padding under the name Sylgard. Their subsequent growth was oriented towards the clothing and footwear industries. In the early 1990’s Dow Corning spun the Sylgard business off and renamed it to form Aegis Environmental Management, LLC (AEM) and its proprietary Aegis product line. The new company’s growth continued primarily in the textile industry and expanded into building materials shortly thereafter.


mPact and Holly Oak Chemical Begin Their Run of

Technological Advancements


In 2003, Aegis sold the aftercare rights to one of its three main proprietary technologies to mPact Environmental Solutions, LLC. mPact and its parent company, Holly Oak Chemical, Inc. who had collaborated with both Dow Corning and Aegis on research and development endeavors, custom blending, repackaging, and global shipment of the base technology which had become known as Aegis Microbe Shield.


mPact and Holly Oak saw the need for greater commercialization and development in other vertical markets. A derivative of the technology was successfully reformulated and immediately employed in the service sector helping to reverse “sick building syndrome” conditions in office buildings, schools, athletic facilities, new construction and healthcare institutions through their proprietary treatment services.


Clearstream Intensifies Focus on New Markets


By 2007 mPact chose to expand its business model with an additional focus on custom formulations. This approach not only increased their service offerings but quickly gained our attention. Entering the picture through the service sector, the principals of Clearstream and mPact quickly found common ground.


A bond was formed and we became immersed in the pursuit of untapped and underserved markets for the company’s diversified chemistries. This led to the recent agreement between mPact and Clearstream to form a new joint venture for technology opportunities in emerging markets.


We focused on laying the groundwork and building on the established foundation by demonstrating the efficacy of the technology and transitioning the technology’s reach into the industries that need it the most, namely healthcare and food manufacturing. In addition, custom formulations are now being blended for a wide variety of new industries that include consumer products, marine environments, advanced and specialized disinfection and cleaning, novel compounding, specialized service treatments, textiles, OEM manufacturing additives, lumber etc.

Growing the Technology


Testing of what we now refer to as the mPale molecule which began in the early 1970’s is in a full continuum. Novel delivery system advancements, proven long term efficacy against an expanding range of bacterial and viral contaminants, established product safety for professionals and inhabitants and a safety profile in the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS code) of 100B all work to make this highly effective technology a very compelling alternative to riskier product technologies.


The mPale technology maintains an exceptional environmental safety record. The product technology’s chemical makeup, its non-toxic, non-leaching, mechanical mode of action delivers superior performance and is suitable for a wide spectrum of critical applications. Additionally and equally as important is the fact that it will not remain in the environment at the end of its life cycle. Upon its eventual decay it will break down into natural elements.


The Results of Testing and Research


On the heels of mPact’s acquisition of one of the technology licenses and their subsequent development of the mPale molecule, an intense period of R&D took place that continues to this day.  mPact has successfully developed biostatic surface treatments due to the intelligent blending of surfactants and inert ingredients allowing the technology to be applied to soft, hard, porous, non-porous, organic or inorganic surfaces.


Further results allow for the amount of active ingredient in the finished coating to be dramatically reduced while still delivering superior surface protection. The critical characteristics of adhesion, uniformity and long term residual efficacy of the active have been greatly enhanced because of reduced surface tension and increased flow rates.


These breakthroughs allow the product technology to be deployed by electrostatic delivery systems. The advancements made by the use of this delivery system result in a dramatic reduction of the finished product due to the attraction of bound particles to surfaces using an electrostatic charge.


Experiencing the Outcomes


Who Has Benefited?


Clearstream and their team of service providers have compiled a long list of customers over the last 12 years. Customer ᅠfacilities have benefited dramatically from our antimicrobial treatments to both interior and exterior surfaces.


Some of the conditions these service clients were experiencing varied from circumstances that required immediate correction to the systematic prevention of their “at risk” environments.



Below is a limited sample of notable industries we work with


A more detailed list of clients available per request


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