Reducing the risks of bacterial and viral transmissions in animal care facilities.

Animal Health Services


We are working with select breeders and animal care facilities in developing protocols that take advantage of Clearstream’s  Professional Treatments. Our EPA registered biocidal and biostatic antimicrobial treatments offer unparalleled protection from microbial contamination.


The reduction of transmittable diseases is achieved by treating surfaces that livestock or poultry come in contact with on a daily basis. They include but are not limited to the following surfaces: barn walls, rails, gates, floors, stables, troughs, stalls, fences, trailers, feeders, water buckets, etc.


Reduction is achieved by using a 2 step process.  During the first phase, our service professionals clean and disinfect the areas to be treated using mPerial Detergent. The second phase is the application of a long term biostatic antimicrobial surface finish which continues to protect the surfaces to which it is applied for extended periods of time. Continuing treatment protocols are developed and determined by surface activity levels and budgetary needs.


Reductions in Transmission


The following is a brief and partial list of microbial threats we are effective against*:


Gram-negative bacteria

Gram-positive bacteria









Porcine viruses

Equine Herpes

Girth Rot or Girth Itch (Fungus)



*A more complete compendium of viral, bacterial and fungal contaminants is available upon request



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