Clearstream's Remediation services quickly get you back in your home or place of business.


Trusted With Hundreds of Homes During Hurricane Sandy


Clearstream's Remediation Teams were trusted with helping hundreds of families get back into their homes after sever flood damage ravaged the Northeast coast during Hurricane Sandy. We understand first hand the heartache that natural disasters can cause. Lives are abruptly altered, homes are damaged, incomes are lost, costs get out of control and businesses are disrupted when the unexpected occurs.


Some things in life you just can't prepare for but you have the right to expect that the corrective work was performed with the best available technology and you were treated fairly during the remediation process.


Consider Clearstream's Service providers for your next mold remediation project.


Have the confidence that the job was done right and your service providers stand behind their work.


The Mold Remediation Process


We can assist in the securing of capable and reliable contractors that will work in conjunction with us in the tear out/removal and preparation of the structure for service technicians.


Clearstream's Service providers are equipped with EPA registered antimicrobial products and products that contain EPA registered active antimicrobial technologies that are environmentally safe and non-toxic.


After the eradication and removal process of the microorganisms is complete, application of our proprietary biostatic antimicrobial which covalently bonds to the surface is applied to your structure.


This antimicrobial treatment imparts a durable mechanical barrier that encapsulates and protects treated surfaces from mold spore recolonization. This treatment will remain active for as long as the integrity of the surface itself is maintained.

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