Immediate emergency response solution for the reduction of surface transmission of the Ebola Virus pandemic.


The Utilization and Application of a Proprietary Biostatic Antimicrobial Technology


The EBOLA outbreak continues to increase its immediate human toll beyond current relief efforts. The long term economic impacts on these stricken countries and their regional partners will be the next crisis that will need attention with even further relief efforts on an even greater scale. We believe that the Clearstream-mPact Partnership technology can help reduce the tragic and devastating outcome of the EBOLA virus in both human terms and its devastating economic impacts.


Because we are still in the early stages of this pandemic, we strongly believe that the Clearstream-mPact technology can help to contain the outbreak in its point of origin and greatly assist the World Health Organization, The United Nations, and many other organizations in their efforts to limit the spread of this virus from continuing to reach other nations and continents.


Novel approaches to this and similar crisis caused by bacterial or viral outbreaks and the pandemics that ensue are challenges that our science team embrace on a constant basis. We stand ready to respond quickly, devote the necessary time to learn and understand the challenges and act decisively in order to truly help get this crisis under control.


The proprietary Clearstream-mPact's MediDefense mPerial and mPale technologies have been extensively and efficaciously utilized stretching over the past two decades treating school systems, office and commercial complexes, healthcare facilities, multi- family structures, major league and nationally recognized athletic programs, etc. to control microbiological threats ranging from severe mold contamination to MRSA outbreaks including a growing compendium of viral, bacterial, and fungal contaminants.


Of specific importance, the Clearstream-mPact's MediDefense mPerial and mPale technologies has validated success against MRSA, Staph, e-coli, and a broad spectrum of recognized bacterial, fungal and viral contaminants. This technology has been proven efficacious against the EBOLA surrogate viruses; BVDV (bovine diarrhea virus which is used as a surrogate for HCV) and vaccinia virus.


It has also been proven effective on other comparable RNA viruses of similar structure to EBOLA including SARS, MERS, HIV1, Influenza A2 (Asian Flu), H1N1, Influenza B, Mumps, Para-influenza (Bird Flu Surrogate), Rous Sarcoma Virus, Rotavirus Type 1, MS2, and Polio Type 2.


Additionally, it has been proven effective on DNA viruses including Adenovirus Type 2 and 4, Bovine Adenovirus, Feline Pneumonitis, Herpes Simplex Type 1 and 2, Simian Virus 40, PRD1, and Murine Virus (Noro Virus surrogate).


Current Crisis


• Ebola is spreading exponentially and has reached epidemic proportions in Africa and has the potential to spread worldwide.


• This virus is known to be transmitted by bodily fluids including human sweat.


• Transmission can occur by a sick person touching a surface that is then touched by a healthy person.


• Nearly every conceivable touch point should be considered a transmission source…including but not limited to public transportation, public buildings, bedding, clothing, walls, doors, handles, bed frames, furniture, cooking utensils, corpses, body bags, currency, etc. and they are all targets for treatment.


• Conventional protective protocols and control interventions are proving ineffective in controlling the current outbreak.


• On September 8th the World Health Organization, said the situation in Liberia requires Non-Conventional Interventions.


Recommended Solution


• The Clearstream-mPact Partnership recommends the application of its highly effective and proven bound silane quaternary MediDefense mPale technology. This technology meets the criteria of a novel and Non-Conventional Intervention Method. This is an EPA registered biostatic antimicrobial product formula. This technology creates new antimicrobial surface barriers by altering the surfaces of existing substrates. This durable protective technology provides long lasting antimicrobial protection by physically disrupting cellular activity.


• This non-leaching, non-toxic and environmentally safe technology is effective on porous, non-porous, organic and inorganic surfaces. It bonds to a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, stainless, glass, ceramic, plastics, laminates, textiles, fabrics, paper, painted surfaces, raw wood, rubber, vinyl, etc.


• A matter of great importance; it does not allow for mutations or adaptive strains to form, live, or colonize. What is most unique is that this technology continues to protect “at risk surfaces” from point source transmission for extended periods of time until it is either physically removed by aggressive ablation or covered with an impermeable surface coating.



• Another note of importance; while this technology in its cured or dried form is classified by the EPA as a static antimicrobial pesticide, it displays highly effective biocidal characteristics in its applied wet form which will help to “knock down” existing surface contamination while the drying and curing process is taking place.


• Clearstream-mPact has the ability to provide an immediate supply of product with simplified instructional training for widespread emergency deployment using local labor. This would include video instruction, webinars, and printed instructional guides and/or pictograms which can be made available immediately to ensure safe and proper product utilization.


• Production capacities can be quickly ramped up to over 150,000 gallons of finished product daily in the Holly Oak plant facilities. Finished product can be transported by tanker truck and rail (on-site rail sidings) to Eastern United States international air cargo terminals, nearby military transport wings, and coastal shipping ports judiciously.


• While there are many application methods available, the fastest to implement and most logical method would be through conventional back pack or hand held pump up spraying apparatus. Other forms of delivery methods exist and can be discussed upon request. These methods may require additional equipment, training, and needed power sources such as in interior commercial buildings and residential spaces where fogging apparatuses can provide a substantive form of delivery.


• A note of particular interest, the CDC guidelines recommend quaternary formulas (along with aldehydes, and other more toxic substances) for disinfecting surfaces for Ebola contaminated surfaces, which allows for the inclusion of our technologies into their established guidelines.


Other unique Clearstream-mPact delivery systems for effective viral and bacterial protection


• We have developed a non-alcohol based MediDefense mPulse hand sanitizing formula that utilizes our silane quaternary technology and it will kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on the hands, and will provide hours of protection even after multiple hand washings. It contains no toxins and is approved for direct food handling without having to pre-wash hands.


• We have developed MediDefense mPower laundry detergent that also contains our proprietary EPA registered active antimicrobial. This detergent has powerful cleaning properties that deliver and bond our static antimicrobial to fabrics to provide long term protection from microorganisms. This detergent is phosphate free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, environmentally, and septic system safe.


• In addition to the static antimicrobial presence in the laundry detergent, we have the ability to enhance detergent packages even further with specialized additives that will nullify the dangerous ill effects from bio loading that can occur from washing clothing in dirty or contaminated water supplies.


• Our products are available in variable packaged configurations including bulk international shipment containers and can be made ready for immediate deployment.


• Our products are available for relabeling in native languages or dialect(s) of the destination countries and can be labeled in multiple languages if required.












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