Static antimicrobial solutions reduce the risks of disease by creating healthier environments.

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Whether you are a livestock producer, husbandry operation, grower or processing plant your place in the food supply chain is critical to your enterprise’s long term financial health as well as your responsibility to protect the public’s health.


Transmission of dangerous pathogens such as E-coli, salmonella, listeria and recently well documented antibiotic resistant bacterial contaminants such as MRSA can be reduced within your farming or production facilities.


Our professional service teams can provide a unique protective component in the fight against the transmission of microorganisms that continues to work between cleanings.


Our static antimicrobial protective surface technology will help reduce the transmission of antibiotic resistant contaminants within your facilities. This technology will not promote mutations or allow adaptive strains to occur.


Our professional service products and applications can help livestock and food producers improve the health of their production environments.


Professional service protocols help augment your health safety programs:


•We adhere to an HACCP plan and integrate into an existing facilities cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection protocols, including subcontracted facilities.


•Develop a Biosecurity plan and initiate corrective measures that establish a higher standard of environmental health within facilities.


•Help management, employees, vendors and subcontractors implement improved environmental health and disinfection protocols.


•Institute advanced hygiene protocols that focus on improved hand washing and sanitization, on-site showering and on-site laundering activities utilizing our antimicrobial laundry detergent.  Helping to insure that an employee's clothing does not cross contaminate production facilities or surrounding environments.


•Our static antimicrobial technologies can reduce bio loading and bacterial colonization on surfaces between cleanings, providing livestock and production facilities with measurably healthier environments for longer periods of time.


MRSA and other resistant microorganisms will not control themselves. Our professional service teams take proactive measures to bring MRSA and similar pathogens under control.

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