Cleaner and healthier environments reduce the risks of illness for those who need it most.

Government, Security and Armed Forces


Protecting the workers in government buildings and facilities is tough enough without the problems associated with microbial contamination.


Germs such as MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus or E-coli cause outbreaks of disease among employees and visitors.


Correctional facilities have come under greater scrutiny as litigation claims increase on behalf of inmates and expensive court ordered remediation work is conducted.


Nevertheless, these facilities are an important part of government owned properties where proper disinfection protocols are paramount.


These environments have to be properly maintained and kept as contamination free as possible.


Buildings that house government services, political bodies and law enforcement are very important to the publics safety and well-being. The facilities that are closest to our hearts however, are the complexes that house our armed services...


Our products and treatment options help government facilities maintain cleaner, healthier and safer environments.

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