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Clearstream Professional Services


Clearstream Professional Services deliver environmentally safe disinfection, sanitization and long term protection against bacterial and viral contamination, mold and odors within your home or facility.


Ourᅠ diverse range of professional service applications fit any situation and budget. From preventative maintenance of commercial and residential properties to decontamination, sanitization and long term prevention in critical care environments. We have a professional solution to keep your environment Clean, Protected and Preserved.


The Clearstream Advantage


•Professional services provide facilities with professional sanitization and antimicrobial surface treatments


•Keep surfaces protected from infectious diseases like MRSA, Staph, Norovirus and  E-Coli


•Highly effective at eliminating odors and mold and mildew growth


•Treated facilities are notably cleaner, safer and smell fresher


•Professional applications cover more square footage in less time, obtaining better results than traditional cleaning protocols


•Products are effective on virtually any surface including hard, soft, porous and non-porous materials


The Clearstream Process



Phase I: Clean, sanitize and disinfect surfaces with mPerial our EPA registered biocide



Phase II: Protect surfaces with mPale our EPA registered long term biostatic antimicrobial finish



Phase III: Preserve your antimicrobial treatment by using our EPA registered after care products

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