Preventing sick building syndrome by protecting at risk areas.

Property Management Services


Owners of homes, office buildings, apartment complexes, retail facilities, industrial spaces and commercial facilities can rely on our services to address concerns of mold, mildew, bacteria, algae and fungi---and keep them at bay long-term.


Specialized teams of service technicians are trained to identify a property's problems at the source and to customize a plan of action to address these issues in the most cost effective manner---with as little disruption as possible.


Our service teams are discreet and respectful of existing tenants.


By utilizing our experienced staff and highly effective products in your long-term asset strategy you can: Keep your home or place of business fresh, reduce tenant turnover and head off sick building syndrome before they become a major issue or structural nightmare.


Risk and asset management is about minimizing risk to a facility‚Äôs inhabitants cost effectively while enhancing an assets value.  By establishing proper cleaning protocols you will avoid costly pitfalls, thereby protecting your investments and your tenants.


Extended service plans are available to keep problems from recurring.

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