Mass transit doesn't have to mean mass transfer of germs.

Transportation Services


You may have heard about sick cruise ships being taken out of service after scores of passengers became ill. There are similar stories about airplanes, tour buses and trains as well.


Public transportation agencies and the travel industry have come to rely on Clearstream’s Services to deliver the healthiest environment possible for their customers.


Regardless of how diligent or well-meaning a person or company is in the pursuit of clean, sanitized and protected environments, it is nearly impossible to achieve without the proper technology working for you.


Thorough daily cleaning and disinfecting cannot solve this issue alone. A combination of effective protocols, diligent oversight and long-term static antimicrobial protection provide the best sanitization regimen available.


We have the protocols and the products that work synergistically to deliver long-term microbial protection for the machines that move us.


Our team of service professionals are trained to identify problems at the source and to develop a plan of action to address them in the most cost effective way---with as little downtime as possible.


Extended service plans are available to keep these contamination problems from recurring.


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