Clearstream - a specialized chemical company focused on innovation and development of novel antimicrobial solutions and delivery methods for the complex challenges facing the spectrum of public health and safety.

Clearstream technologies was founded in 2009. Initially, the founding principals began operations as a service provider of antimicrobial technologies in the treatment of hospitality, athletic, and academic facilities as an adjunct to their existing business. 

Through its introduction and hands on use of various antimicrobial products, Clearstream became intimately familiar with multiple technologies and identified active chemistries that showed the greatest promise for growth potential and expansion into new, underserved markets.

In order to introduce treatments into markets with high risk environments, new formulations and persistent modifications surrounding these active technologies were needed. The commitment was made to fully embrace and develop these chemistries to their full potential. 

From the onset, empirical data mining in uncharted territories, and building an indisputable trove of proven efficacy and safety has been at the core of Clearstream’s focus. A continuum of microbiological laboratory testing, field trials, advanced toxicology, and expanded post-treatment substrate studies are in a constant progression.

Early data mining activities and evaluation has given way to more recent university based clinical research studies conducted by highly respected and trusted academic institutions. These clinical studies focus on market trajectories unimagined even a few short years ago. 

Clearstream has grown its core management to include PhD level medical and formulating chemistry positions to guide the company’s ascension into its newest and most challenging market vectors. 

From the onset, empirical data mining in uncharted territories, and building an indisputable trove of proven efficacy and safety has been at the core of Clearstream’s focus.

Who are we serving?

  • Clearstream is under exclusive manufacturing and supply agreements, as well as long-term collaborative research and development, and proprietary evaluation agreements. 

  • Clearstream’s business to business relationships span an intriguing array of US and Global Fortune 500 companies including:

    • Leading Pharmaceutical companies

    • Consumer Healthcare products companies

    • Global chemical manufacturers

    • Plant Based Agricultural chemical companies

How can we help you and your organization?

  • Clearstream can customize antimicrobial products for specific areas of need or conditions

  • Targeted applications can be developed to address unique operating environments and their microbial challenges including clean room and controlled manufacturing areas

  • If branding is of great concern to our customers, Private Labeled products can be a smart way to address sanitization, disinfection and preventative microbial control under the customer’s brand

  • Clearstream is very active in manufacturing and supplying highly effective proprietary antimicrobial products for small, medium and large scale distribution companies that serve academia, healthcare, veterinary and food supply chain industries

  • Customization of new formulas specific to your needs utilizing multiple actives, companion surfactants and inert ingredient packages

  • EPA Registered and FDA approved technologies

  • Potential for the integration of technologies into compatible 3rd party or customer formulas

  • Development of novel delivery methods specific to the needs of industry


Contact Us

Clearstream Technologies understands that demonstrating applications and monitoring efficacy is a powerful tool. Additional trials or on-site demonstrations may be required for its customers or their customers to promote greater knowledge and acceptance of specific technologies.

Contact Clearstream to discuss your company’s needs and any special requirements where Clearstream might be of assistance.

We are eager to learn about your business so we can determine how best to help. If Clearstream is the right fit we can consider the potential for on-site visits, demonstrations, or the possibility of a new research collaboration.

Call us here at Clearstream to discuss your needs, it may be one of the most important calls you ever make.  

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